Live Music in Newbury

Soul Strutters

Live music in Newbury and the local area has arrived on Eat Drink Great Events.

With venues such as the Corn Exchange, New Greenham Arts, Ace Space and Arlington Arts in Newbury as well as the many pubs across West Berkshire, we’re quite fortunate to have regular live music to enjoy.  And don’t forget the Newbury Spring Festival, one of the most successful events in the South of England, with around 50 concerts held in venues throughout the area during May.

Gigs on a weekly basis can feature solo artists and bands who maybe regulars on the local circuit or well-known artists as part of a national tour.

My goal for EDGE is to deliver information in a simple, singular location allowing visitors to quickly find what’s going on in the area. In this case it’s live music which was released over the Easter weekend.

A summary of live music in our pubs has been provided on our Facebook & Twitter every Friday but only for that weekend. Creating a section on the website allows me to transfer all the gigs from my diary, yes a paper diary, onto the site and give people the opportunity to see what’s happening in advance across many venues in one place.

Over the next week I will be busy adding gigs and happily welcome any news on upcoming events and constructive feedback. As this section grows a filter will be added to display results by month and venue.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy some music then visit ‘live music’ on EDGE, there is sure to be something happening locally.

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