One Magical Night

Last Friday was a magical evening in Newbury as the Gentle Giant of Light awoke and enjoyed a stroll through the town centre.

The magic began to happen outside the Methodist Church as the renowned percussion ensemble, Worldbeaters, illuminated by light, performed high-energy beats on their drums. Dressed in wonderful outfits they reminded me of the soldiers in the Wizard of Oz but much friendlier!

Outdoor event in town centre – so amazing! #newbury #senseofunity @dundugiantsoflight

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Even with drizzle in the air the crowds congregated around to witness the emergence of the baby giant. Mobile phones at the ready to record every moment of the performance.

The viewing public enthusiastically followed the rhythms of the Worldbeaters to the resting giant. Here the West African Kora played enchantingly as the giant came to life, greeting, dancing and interacting with the crowd. Who reacted with delight.

Spreading love and light in Newbury for the premiere of Sense of Unity #leddrummers #senseofunity #101creationcentre

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At this moment, I can honestly say I felt like a child who was an extra in a magical movie.

And, sticking to the movie evoking moments, as the giant approached a child who was watching from a window to greet them, it felt very much like the BFG. Amazing and captured on video here.

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The entertainment continued as the puppeteers skilfully manoeuvred the giant to peer under the canopy of Cote, sit on the bridge wall and appear to admire itself in the window of Phase 8.

After smelling the hanging baskets of the town hall and climbing the street lamps in the market place, everything came together. A final performance on the stage which led to applause from all in attendance.

This was a superb night of wonder that lived up to the character of Dundu; a gentle soul, who shares love and light wherever he goes.

We are very lucky to have the Corn Exchange, who struggle for funding, but continuously put on these excellent outdoor events that are always well supported by the community.

Thank you Corn Exchange, Dundu and Worldbeaters for a magical evening and great to see so many people, both young and old out enjoying a late night!

Giant of Light

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