The Roy Orbison Story 2016 – Newbury Corn Exchange

On Saturday 30th April Barry Steele and Friends bring their show ‘THE ROY ORBISON STORY – 80th Birthday Special to the Corn Exchange, Newbury.

Picture of Barry Steel as Roy Orbison

2016 marks Roy Orbison’s 80th Birthday, and to commemorate this special year Barry Steele and Friends are proud to present their brand new production across the UK.

This musical and semi-autobiographical celebration of The Big O’s musical legacy is quite simply unmissable, as Barry Steele takes you on this specially revamped musical journey in time, from the early sun years right through to the late 80’s and the internationally acclaimed concert ‘The black and white night’.  The show also pays homage to the time Roy spent with the Traveling Wilburys.

Add to the mix star guests celebrating the music from legends Roy actually toured and performed with, backed by fabulous musicians & singers and you have yourselves an incredible fusion of 60’s solid gold classics and 80’s contemporary musical genius all on one stage.

This production really is very special, so go along and celebrate the Big O’s legacy!

True Identikit Brilliance – The Stage

Picture of Barry Steel as Roy Orbison

Extracts from a recent interview with Barry Steele

 How – Barry Steele was first introduced to the work of Roy Orbison when entering a talent competition performing the song Angels. After winning the event he was complemented for his similarity to Roy and that he should be singing for a living!

The MusicThe fact the music of Roy Orbison has stood the test of time is not just the wonderful melodies and tunes but the lyrics are some of the most sublime ever written.

The music takes you back in time and subjects you to a range of emotions… happy, sad and emotive all at the same time. Roy Orbison is known as a balladeer but he also recorded and performed rocky and contemporary songs.

Barry Steele Barry is widely regarded as one of the very best Orbison tributes and some of his career highlights include performing in New Zealand, a duet with the co-writer of Pretty Woman Bill Dees, having Wesley Orbison film him singing on his phone and meeting so many talented people.

The key to Barry’s success has been work, work and more work. Nothing is easy and its sheer hard work for both himself and his wife. They developed the show from scratch and it’s been their baby from the initial idea to what you see today.

For ticket information visit the Corn Exchange website or to find this and other upcoming events go to the live music section on Eat Drink Great Events.


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